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Porous Pavement

Smarter materials for the future of infrastructure

Perfect for outdoor living, pathways, public parks, schools, playgrounds and municipal buildings. The slip-resistant surface is the next generation of smart infrastructure. The eco-friendly, highly porous formula allows for on-site mixing, quick drainage and is frost and freeze resistant.

Installation by Garrett Churchill Inc. Willow Grove, PA
  • 5:00 min
    Porous Pave Installation
    A basic product installation in a backyard patio. About 200 sq. ft. of Gray Porous Pave XL was installed in under two hours. This quick, non-intrusive installation allowed the homeowners to enjoy their new Porous Pave patio in the same day. Always refer to a Certified Porous Pave Installer for your application.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Porous Pave?

Porous Pave is a revolutionary product consisting of recycled tire rubber, stone, and moisture cured urethane binder.

Are there different types of Porous Pave?

There are 2 types of Porous Pave; XL consisting of rubber, stone and binder, is meant to for structural uses. Porous Pave XLS is a soft rubber and binder only system meant for play areas.

How long has Porous Pave been on the market?

Porous Pave rubber product has been on the market for over 15 years now with sales growing annually.

How is Porous Pave packaged?

Rubber and Stone are packaged in individual 50 pound bags and the binder comes in 5 gallon pails and product is mixed on site.

What benefits does Porous Pave offer?

One of Porous Pave’s biggest features is its highly porous structure. Porous Pave allows large amounts of water to drain through it, thereby minimizing the amount of volume directed to storm drains, basins and other areas of drainagePorous Pave XL offers many benefits from a roughly 6,000 Gallon per hour per square foot installed, eliminating runoff when used. Filtration of the water through the material and stone base also occurs. Plus it is a non- slip rubber surfacing with no standing water in low lying areas. Click here for more!

Are there any other uses for Porous Pave?

Porous Pave XL can be installed directly over old asphalt, concrete, wood decking, metal ramps, etc. This provides a safe, non-slip surface and gives a rejuvenated look. Water will drain through to the edges with proper pitch.

How much is Porous Pave?

Porous Pave is more than traditional pavements, but priced competitively with other types of permeable pavers, pervious concrete, asphalt, etc. Our most direct competitor Flexi -Pave has only roughly half our porosity rate.