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Fountains & Aerators

Adding a water feature brings a whole new sensory experience

The soothing sounds of a fountain can fill any yard with life and movement. Fountains also support the local ecosystem by attracting more birds than still water while transforming any property into a peaceful retreat. Every garden can benefit from a fountain or water feature which adds ambience in nearly any setting. A well-placed fountain can also serve as a focal point in a front yard, plaza or courtyard. 

Transform an ordinary space into a relaxing outdoor retreat
  • 1:38 min
    Kasco J Series Pond Fountains
    Kasco Fountains proudly presents the popular Kasco Decorative Pond Fountains. It is great for medium to large size ponds and when multiple fountain patterns are desired.
  • 1:49 min
    Airmax® PondAir™ Aeration Kit
    Airmax® PondAir™ Aeration Kits are ideal for decorative ponds and water gardens up to 2,000 gallons. Powered by highly efficient diaphragm compressors, PondAir™ Aeration Kits infuse your pond with valuable oxygen while remaining whisper-quiet and cost effective
  • 6:58 min
    Kasco Lake De-Icer
    A nice overview video from Kasco Marine about the various benefits of utilizing a De-Icer in the winter for a variety of reasons from preventing fish kill to pole-jacking on your permanent dock and even saving some whales!