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Ice Melt

Your Winter Preparation Headquarters

Be ready for whatever this winter throws at you with our top selection of Ice Melt & Rock Salt from KissnerSnow ShieldPELADOW™ PREMIER SNOW & ICE MELTER

Kissner Milling Company Ltd™ is North America’s leading ice melt manufacturer and deicer supplier.

PELADOW™ Premier Snow & Ice Melter is the fastest-acting, most effective product available for melting snow on sidewalks, steps and drives, and preventing ice-related accidents.

We also have a full line of essential winter tools and accessories!

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Winter forecasts are in for colder conditions in the Eastern US with the Polar Vortex possibly making an appearance, Arctic Blasts cold be quite common as well this year.
  • 4:23 min
    Keeping Winter Walkways Clear and Safe with PELADOW
    PELADOW™ Premier Snow & Ice Melter helps prevent ice-related accidents by quickly melting snow and ice on sidewalks, steps and driveways. PELADOW™ is the fastest-acting, most effective deicer available for winter property management. Made in the U.S.A., PELADOW™ has been trusted by maintenance professionals for over 60 years.
  • 2:33 min
    Ice Beeter From Kissner Group: By the Weekend Handyman
    Ice Beeter natural ice melt crystals From Kissner Group: By the Weekend Handyman. The Kissner Group is North America's leading ice melt manufacturer and deicer supplier. We specialize in premium private label ice melt and Kissner branded deicer and ice melt products.