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Porous Pave LOT42 Global Flex Campus

Porous Pave was a good choice for permeable paving. It is not only permeable, its recycled rubber content makes it a green material
— Patrick Doyle, Marketing Partner LOT42
LOT42, the Innovative Events Space in Canada’s Waterloo Region Technology Hub, Meets Stormwater Management Requirements with Porous Pave

LOT42 Global Flex Campus, a performance venue and events complex in Kitchener, Ont., installed 12,400 square feet of permeable pavement using Porous Pave XL. LOT42  is a 17-acre global flex campus dedicated to arts, technology, manufacturing, athletics, and community events. Distributed in Canada by Porous Pave Ontario (Stratford, Ont.), Porous Pave XL is a highly porous, pour-in-place permeable paving material made from 50 percent recycled rubber chips and 50 percent kiln-dried aggregate mixed on site with a liquid binder.

The result of a multi-million dollar transformation of an old industrial site originally developed for Ardelt Industries of Canada in 1955, the LOT42 event complex blends the area’s manufacturing heritage with modern style. To meet the City of Kitchener’s stormwater control regulations, the project incorporated several elements of green infrastructure, including a 1,000-square-foot French drain and a total of 12,400 square feet of permeable pavement, installed with Porous Pave. 

“With 27 percent void space, Porous Pave can infiltrate 5,800 gallons of storm water per hour per square down into the underlying aggregate base,” said Jim Roth, president, Porous Pave Ontario (Stratford, Ont.). “It can endure freeze-thaw cycles, frost and ground movement without heaving and cracking, an important advantage with our winter weather in Ontario.”

Zehr Interlock & More (Tavistock, Ont.) was the project’s installation contractor. Kris Zehr and his crew installed the 12,400 square feet of Porous Pave, poured in place at a depth of two inches, on a three- to five-inch base of compacted aggregate. “Including LOT42, we have done 20 Porous Pave projects. As a pour-in-place material, it has proven to be much easier and much faster to install than pavers,” Zehr said. “It also gave us the flexibility to create a custom green-tan color mix, which we alternated with the standard green color.”

“We like the appearance, and are impressed with the results. There is no more water ponding in front of the entrance, and it eliminated water infiltration into building,” said Doyle. “We are planning to add more permeable pavement in the courtyard area with inlaid designs created by Porous Pave Ontario.”

About LOT42

LOT42 is a 17-acre global flex campus located at 41 Ardelt Place in Kitchener, Ontario. Originally built in 1955 by German industrialist Rudolf Ardelt for Ardelt Industries, the facility is now dedicated to providing a space for arts, technology, manufacturing, athletics and community events. The aim of LOT42 is to bring people together and to inspire. The vision is to create a collision space for creativity, in support of regional and global benefit. For more information on the venue, visit Connect with LOT42 on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube.

About Porous Pave

Porous Pave is a highly porous, durable and flexible surfacing material consisting of recycled rubber, aggregate and a liquid binding agent. An eco-friendly green building product, Porous Pave is the proven pour-in-place permeable paving solution that offers superior permeability for stormwater retention, exceptional versatility, and demonstrated durability. Resilient and slip resistant, Porous Pave conforms to any landscape design and is easy to install on grades up to 30 degrees. For additional product information and examples of successful applications, visit To request product samples or to order Porous Pave in Canada, visit

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