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Artificial Turf

An Eco-Friendly Solution to Landscape Water Management

Create the look and feel of natural grass all year long with no watering or mowing. Artificial Turf provides unmatched durability as a realistic alternative to actual grass for the water-conscious user. Its low maintenance requirements make keeping a beautiful, problem-free lawn simple and easy. Monofilament fibers of slightly varying heights with or without shorter, curled nutmeg-colored blades converge to create a natural looking, soft surface ideal for people, pets and other high-traffic applications. 

Proven performance and quality for a better yard.
  • 4:56 min
    EasyTurf: Install Synthetic Turf Video
    EasyTurf shows you how it’s done! Any area can look beautiful all year round with artificial grass turf! EasyTurf's unmatched quality is demonstrated in many ways but what sets EasyTurf apart from its competitors is its drainage system.
  • 1:40 min
    Backyards Just Got Better: Cesar Millan Introduces EasyTurf for Pet Owners
    The time has never been better for an EasyTurf artificial grass lawn. World renowned dog whisperer, Cesar Millan recently introduced EasyTurf artificial grass as his turf-of-choice for pet owners seeking to eliminate common lawn problems associated with pets. Millan, widely known for his television series, Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan 2004 - 2012, which was broadcast in more than 80 countries worldwide. Now Millan is focused on new television series on the National Geographic Channel, Nat. Geo Wild, and the expansion of his famed Dog Psychology Center (DPC) in Santa Clarita California.
  • 1:42 min
    The Best Draining Artificial Grass - EasyTurf Wins Hands Down!
    Only EasyTurf artificial grass has the 100% porous, 100% permeable MaxxFlow backing. EasyTurf's rinse-clean drainage technology makes cleanup a snap. See for yourself why inferior artificial grass can't stand up to the drainage capabilities of EasyTurf artificial grass. The best draining, best looking, most durable artificial grass ever made.
  • 12:58 min
    GardenMark Installation Guide
    GardenMark artificial grass is manufactured in 7 foot rolls. Before ordering grass, draw out a basic plan of the area. By keeping the roll width in mind when planning your project, you will avoid ordering more than you may need and waste. We at GardenMark are here to help when you are planning your project and will be able to advise you on your requirements. In order to avoid different tone colors, it is important to keep the pile direction the same when joining sections together. Seaming tape (TapeMark) and adhesive (BondMark) are necessary to properly install artificial grass.
  • 1:18 min
    GardenMark Artificial Grass Overview
    In today's hectic life, it is very difficult for the people to maintain their natural lawn grass. So the Artificial Lawn is the very good option for them. It is very beneficiary as you don't have to maintain it like natural grown grass.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose EasyTurf?

EasyTurf artificial grass is more than just the turf grass itself. It’s a complete landscape system. The artificial grass system includes preparation of the ground the artificial grass will be installed on, the drainage through the artificial grass backing, the infill material used to keep the artificial grass blades erect and provide ballast, and the yarn that create the “fake-grass” blades. EasyTurf artificial grass matches the look and feel of real grass. Artificial grass requires little to no maintenance.  

How long does EasyTurf last?

All EasyTurf synthetic grass products come with a 10 year warranty. With proper care and maintenance you or your customers will enjoy a beautiful synthetic turf for many long years, without the hassle of watering, or mowing!

Is EasyTurf flammable?

Easy Turf is virtually flame-proof. The sand and rubber infill assists in minimising any fire spreading.