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Root Protection

Root Protection

Control root growth and contribute to a sustainable, safe hardscape design with minimal maintenance. Reduce walkway hazards, maintain landscape weed control and protect underground drainage pipes. Promote healthy tree development with easy to install, environmentally-friendly solutions. 

Long-term root and weed control system that consists of control-release herbicide that does not harm surrounding plants and vegetation

Frequently Asked Questions

What is root protection?

Root protection is made of engineered HDPE panels, LDPE or PVC sheeting, or geotextile.

How does root protection work?

Root Protection is installed around Trees to contain the root ball within a determined area based on tree species.

What effect does root protection have on my plantings?

The HDPE, LDPE and PVC may cause root balling near the panel perimeter over time, but are generally harmless to the plantings. The Typar Biobarrier creates a no grow zone without any root balling.

How do I know which root protection is right for my project?

In order to determine the most cost effective and long term return on your investment we need to know your plant species, landscape plan, and general use of the area.

What are the benefits for a contractor to use root protection?

When utilized properly Root protection will protect your underground utilities, septic systems, hardscaping, curbing, or whatever structure you install it near. Some hardscape contractors are offering a longer warranty with use of the Biobarrier product.