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Stormwater Management (EPIC)

Environmental Passive Integrated Chamber

From a sustainability and cost-savings standpoint, the EPIC System has many benefits, especially in Athletic Field Design. The EPIC System provides superior drainage with its sand-based soil profile as well as strong root systems through the sub-surface capillary rise irrigation methodology. EPIC captures rain during storm events and stores it to be used during drier times. All the while, it removes 70-85% of the suspended solids and up to 35% of pathogens through natural sand filtration. This process results into healthier water for irrigation and discharge into waterways, virtually eliminating Point Source Pollution. 

The EPIC System, combined with Netlon Advanced Turf System (ATS) technology can be used for sports fields, grass overflow parking, utility and emergency vehicle access areas or equestrian facilities. 

EPIC is a Sustainable and durable Rainwater Harvesting solution that both meets the needs of Irrigation, drainage and Improved stormwater collection and conveyance all in one.
  • 1:58 min
    EPIC Green Solutions: Water Management Solutions
    The revolutionary subsurface EPIC system was developed over a decade ago to effectively manage water usage, resulting in water savings of 50% - 80% as compared to other conventional irrigation systems. The comprehensive system provides exceptional drainage, irrigation, filtration, and acts as a water reservoir.

    The EPIC system has a long lifespan and requires very low maintenance, as there are no sprinkler, valve, or line repairs necessary. The innovative chamber is positioned below the surface, and is completely non-pressurized, allowing water to rise up to plant roots via capillary action after being filtered through sand. Lined with EPDM, there is no loss to the ground and virtually no evaporation, allowing plants to have a constant source of water. The EPIC system's defining quality is its unique design which eradicates water blockage, giving it the ability to work with fresh, brackish, grey and treated water.
  • 0:57 min
    EPIC Green Solutions: Capillary Rise Demonstration
    The innovative EPIC chamber from EPIC Green Solutions, is positioned below the surface, and is completely non-pressurized, allowing water to rise up to plant roots via capillary action after being filtered through sand.
  • 1:36 min
    EPIC Green Solutions: Green Parking and Access Road
    It was through the technology of EPIC Green Solutions that this fire access lane could be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. This project demonstrated the incorporation of Netlon ATS Mesh Elements into a sand profile providing load carrying capacity for large heavy emergency vehicles. In this project, the Four Seasons Hotel in California desired the aesthetic of green space as well as the functionality of providing access to emergency vehicles.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is EPIC?

The EPIC System is an Environmentally Passive Integrated Chamber System. EPIC is engineering to provide drainage, capillary rise irrigation, and stormwater capture and reuse all in one system.

How does EPIC work?

EPIC works through a minimal engineered sand/soil profile as the infiltration and growth media. Beneath which is the EPDM Base layer, geotextile component, EPIC Chambers, pvc pipe and other components. When water infiltrates to the base EPDM it is moved to underground storage for future reuse of the water.

How do I know if EPIC is right for my project?

EPIC isn’t for everyone, but we can help to determine if EPIC is right for you, or if we have a more cost effective solution to meet your needs.

Is EPIC for residential or commercial use?

EPIC may be used for residential and commercial use.

Can I drive on an EPIC area?

Yes, with inclusion of the Netlon ATS into the engineered soil we can support up to a firetruck loading requirement.

What are the benefits of EPIC for sports turf fields?

EPIC systems under sports turf use up to 80 percent less water to grow lush turf. Turf will rebound after hard play quickly with the enhanced root system. Competitors will have less injury playing on real turf vs artificial turf. Plus with inclusion of the Netlon ATS on a sports field the field can also be used for overflow parking if needed.